→ Creation and performance
Maikon K

→ Duration
4 minutes

→ July 2020.

This is an active and resilient meditation. All you will need is a camera, a condom and your head. After wearing the condom you can't use your hands, only your lungs. This action can be remade by anyone, with different purposes: to generate impulsion in social media (Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp groups), to entertain friends in a Zoom meeting; to surprise your sexual partner; to protest against measures of social distancing; to contribute to a reflection about contemporary relationships; to create a meme; to increase your inner strength; to spend time; to demoralize the role of the artist.
This action can lead to death. Caution and fear are recommended.
The responsibility is yours.
If you are stupid enough to do it, don't be alone. Ask someone to stand by your side.