→ Creation and performance
Maikon K

→ Collaborators
Costume designer: Faetusa Tezelli
Sound: Beto Kloster
Lighting: Fábia Regina 
Research orientation: Kysy Fischer
Photography: Lauro Borges
Production: Vanessa Vieira
Design: 4One
Vídeo: FLAGCX / Ulisses Candal Sato

→ Duration
50 minutes

This work can be presented in galleries, theaters or alternative spaces. The audience watches the performance sitting on the floor, arranged in a semicircle.

A haiku of stone, saliva and stripes.

The first version of Ancestral Body premiered in 2013. In this second version from 2015, Maikon K reduces the scenic elements, seeking the visual synthesis of a haiku: simple actions, empty space, a hanging lamp, a tunnel of striped fabric, and a stone. The audience sits near to the action and is invited to enter a state of contemplation, accompanying images that slowly emerge and dissolve in others. The same digital sound echoes throughout the performance. He thus resumes his investigation of the shamanic body, in which he seeks a state of "becoming", able to build different realities through nonverbal sound, movement and visual signs. A body without a fixed identity, in constant transformation.

It premiered on May, 2015, in Curitiba (PR).

ANCESTRAL BODY'S TEASER: https://vimeo.com/261622858


Pitch black and one continuous sound: a drip into the bottom of the well, electronic dribble.
In the beginning was another word: deep breath, murmuring, witchery.
All at the foot of the black moon. Look into the dark, into the well, let the head feel heavy, enter this rift in history. The pre-body on stage - there is movement and the formation of an identity.
Look for the stripes, there is a ritual greeting in how they move. Shell, carcass, enclosure.
I ask of your look: now look at what is concrete. Only that with depth of touch, of presence matters. Gaze at the stripes, dance with the stripes.
A body is made and slowly escapes. An animal accompanies you, an animal is transformed.
Look deeply into that which your eyes let escape.
A drip in the bottom of the well, a beat on the goatskin, snakeskin.
Your ancestry has not yet happened, so insist.
Don't let your gaze break away, look at what is happening here. Abandoned stipes and skin.
The weight of the stone now marks a transformation. Every metamorphosis is painful. All pain leaves something behind.
Dribble on the stone. Electronic dribble.
Ancestry is yet to happen.
A knot in history.

Text by Francisco Mallman:


ancestral body
Ancestral does not mean the old, the ancient, and the forgotten.
Ancestral is what remains present, before us.
A bridge to the now.
flesh is dream