Maikon K lives in the city of Curitiba, Brasil. He began studying Dramatic Arts and his academic background encompasses several fields of knowledge: he has a degree in Social Sciences (emphasis on Anthropology of the Theater), and for the last fifteen years has researched means for altering consciousness through body practices and ancestral rites. The core focus of his work is the body and its capacity to change perceptions, influenced by a shamanic perspective in which the performer unfolds himself into several different realities through specific body techniques, using song, non-verbal sound, dance, visual signs and ritualized activities. Your interests are states of consciousness, dark humor, the relation sacred-profane, sexuality, intensities, grotesque, to provoke rituals, to test sensibilities.

Being an artist means having no other choice.
It means turning impotence into an outpouring volcano. For the pleasure of pouring out.
An autopsy on a breathing body. Opening this body and seeing the gears working. Relocating the organs.
Distrusting and believing. The muscles, the sweat, the love bleeding.
It's a wormhole. With no way back.
It's an old trinket. It's nothing.
Creating worlds of waste and precious things.
It is physical, and therefore metaphysical. Vulgar and inoperative.
Volatile and insistent. It is suffocating.
It is to pursue death. To stab the last moment.
To lick the floor with patience. It is finally ecstasy.
It’s to cheat limits.
On the edge of the abyss, abandoning a stone. Being the stone. Being the head that receives the stone.
To play with your own guts.
Ridiculous. Guiltless.
To taste the decrepitude.
Neither madness. Nor reality.
It's never a bird, never a whale, never an ant. For a moment, human.
It is an image that is never completed.